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Ninja Ben in Winterland

This time we shall follow our brave warrior high in the mountains of Winterland for a special training out in the cold.Just as Ben is starting his training session, suddenly he spots a young gorgeous lady running and shrieking for help. When the woman was practically all set to reach our ninja a big white Gorilla comprehends her under his huge heavy arms and disappears for good.

NinjaBeninWinterland_game_introAs you probably thought it's time for a brand-new rescue objective for our brave hero, however remember that this mountains have lots of dark tricks and great danger lies ahead this journey.

The game includes four levels of constant action where the young ninja will need to escape the irritating penguins, combat the disguised red elves and the damage the huge wicked Snowman before reaching the Gorilla's lair where the beautiful girl was trapped.

Bear in mind the red elves will assault you by trowing snowballs or by sneaking near you laying flat on the ground. The first ones will position themselves on high locations or hide into trees so that they can identify you from distance and to have a take advantage of on you.In order to defeat them you should hit them with 3 shurikens.

Ninja Ben In Winterland - over cliffsHere is a tip for you: the red elves have a vulnerable point they only trow snowballs on a specific range, if you approach them immediately, you will have time to hit them twice.

The ones that will aim to slip on you are much easier to destroy and takes just two shurikens.

Now let's speak about the wicked Snowman. This kind of enemy is immune to shurikens, so you can't beat it using a normal technique. More although it may seem harmless initially the Snowman will aim to take you by surprise by trowing a huge snowball right on you.Snowmans can only be destroyed if you place a bomb near them and await it to take off. You can gather bombs by opening the chests available from place to location.

Ninja Ben vs wicked snowman Beside battling opponents you have to take terrific care when jumping from one cliff to another, particularly when the strong cold wind strikes and presses you back.

The game provides you the opportunity to gather gold coins in order to reach 50 and get an extra life which will count a lot when you reach at the end of the fourth level and need to combat the giant Gorilla.

To beat the Gorilla you need to utilize 6 bombs, yet the creators of the game wanted to reward you for reaching this far so to have a better chance to win bombs will be readily available for you to collect them prior to the beast ape will go into the stage.

Fighting in charge will not be an easy thing as this will not be a fair fight one vs one batlle. This time you truly need to hit the Gorilla by placing bombs near her, and also fight many penguins that will attack you from both sides.

NinjaBeninWinterland_boss_fight Once you beat in charge the young gorgeous women is launched and the ninja marks another excellent triumph.



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